My name is Chantal Lefebvre, I am 44 years old from Hawkesbury Ontario. I always liked sports and would try different ones when in High School but really got interested in weight lifting when I saw my older brother doing his workouts. I also loved to read his Joe Weider Magazines. From the age of 18 until 2011 I have tried to get in shape many times...did good at it then let myself go just to start over again!

Since 2008 I had gained a extra 15 lbs to my 5.1" frame and I wasn't happy with myself...I weighed in at 129 lbs and felt so sluggish and out of shape. My stepson who had been in a tragic car accident in 2008(lost his mom) and suffered a Catastrophic brain injury had to start doing some therapy at a Gym to help with his balance (core building) so in 2011 we both joined the gym and he has been my inspiration since then!! I decided to take part in a Fitness competition on June 22nd 2013 after seeing a friend in one the year before. I got myself a personal trainer (Sara Fennell) and she helped me attain my dream.

I didn't place in my first Serious About Fitness competition but got 1rst place in Master's categorie for the Physique Canada that was held on the same day. I was proud of my achievement and loved the experience so much that I am doing it again in October. I am also thankful for the MVP Biotech supplements that I was taking all through my trainning: High Impact Glutamine, BCAA Plex, L-Arginine-L-Ornithine 750, and ALA 600...they really helped me in my muscle gain , strenght and endurance! I now weigh 105lbs and my contest weight is 101lbs and I am more than happy to have reached my goal and plan on participating in many more competitions...Age doesn't stop you...your mind does!


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Hi, my name is Eric Larocque and I am now a 29 year old Natural Bodybuilder.

I got into bodybuilding when I was in college. The college lifestyle wreaked havoc on my body – I was binge-eating and drinking… I didn’t like what I saw when I looked in the mirror and I didn’t like how I felt. Growing up I had always been pretty active; I played a variety of different sports which kept me lean. Transitioning from high school to college was tough. I lost focus and went from being a lean 180lbs to an over-indulgent 240lbs in a matter of 10 months. A couple of my friends started going to the gym and I decided to tag along. I was hooked! From that point on, I made it my goal to lean out, lift heavier, and work harder than ever before. Unfortunately, it’s hard to make a lot of gains without the knowledge-base… After 9 years of training hard and educating myself I finally decided to compete. I picked the 2012 GNC Ottawa Classic as my first show and during my 26 week contest prep I used several MVP Biotech products ISO 94, creatine, BCAA 5000, CLA 1000 and L-Carnitine 750.

I am tremendously happy to say I placed 1st in Men's Middleweight and 2nd to the Overall Title. I have qualified for the Natural Ontario Championships which I plan on doing and I hope to be competing at the National level soon as a Natural Bodybuilder.

I owe a lot of my success to my great GF for support, my coach and MVP Biotech for the amazing products!!


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I always wanted to compete in fitness competitions but in reality I did not have the confidence to get on stage. There seemed to be something missing and I never felt I had what it took.

I started to use MVP product line. As every week went by my body was showing significant changes. The changes were noticeable and the missing element was starting to make the difference.

About 4 weeks from my local fitness show, I decided to enter the open men's physique class, I never posed before so I entered the men's over 50 grandmaster body building. (I am 50)

Well I felt pretty good and looked pretty good too. The end result was not as good as I wanted but the experience was truly fantastic.

The MVP brand gave me the confidence to go up against younger men and give them a true run for their money

In the over 50 bodybuilding competition my other competitor was a 76 year old gentleman who had been working for this day for a whole year. I did not have heart to take this athletes day in the sun away. I withdrew from the competition and let him have is day in the sun.

Sometimes being a champion is not about how many medals you have around your neck.

With MVP I know my time will come


Denny Pook Denny Pook



When you are a kid you watch things on tv and you dream that it will be you one day. Watching a beauty pageant you imagine how it would be to be gracing down the runway and then accepting your big win, or little boys imagine how it would feel to score the winning goal for the Stanly cup. Or maybe theres someone who dreams of being on the middle tier at the olympics accepting the gold.... all of these dreams, all of these things that stay just that, dreams.
I remember watching ESPN and watching the fitness girls doing their routines and dreaming that would be me one day... Fat chance, i couldnt even do a cart wheel as a child. So i filed that dream away with the rest of them and put it at the back of the closet and thats where it remained until last night, thanks to someone who believed in me and an amazing organization that believed in making dreams come true.



SDC10555.JPGGuy Larivière, currently 47 years old, is a great example of courage and determination to us all. During the summer of 2004, Guy required surgery to replace the entire right side portion of his hip. One year later, the same surgery was necessary for his left hip for the same reason….excessive and premature wear of the joints due to Guy’s alarming state of obesity. Guy was tipping the scale at 403 lbs at a height of 6’ 2”.

In 2006, Guy’s physician gave him an ultimatum: have his stomach stapled, or be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, because his arthritis was too advanced. Following his stomach surgery, Guy found himself only able to swallow about ¼ cup of food per meal. One year later, Guy had lost a whopping 190 lbs. Continuing to following his doctor’s recommendations, he then joined a gym and started training 3 to 4 times per week to improve his health and muscle tone. Unfortunately, despite all his efforts, arthritis had already started attacking his knees and in 2007 and 2008 Guy underwent more surgery to allow him to continue walking.



My name is Rodney Kellman I'm and I currently live in Pierrefonds Qc. Canada. I’m am a professional wrestler who’s been employed for the last 7 years by the National Wrestling Alliance, the oldest governing body of professional wrestling in the world. After a year and half lay off due to both injuries and illness I decided to return to the square circle with a winners mentality , a commitment to excellence and the hunger to be the very best I possibly can be.



My name is Jenny Beland, I'm 32 years old from Ile Bizard, Qc, Canada. I consider myself, a girl who always needed to have thrills and challenges in my life. In my younger years, I've always been active but spent most of my energy partying in night clubs lollll! Everything changed when I turned 30, I switched my whole lifestyle and finally did something positive for myself and my future...

In July 2007, I decided to join a gym...For 2 years I trained without beeing satisfied with my result! In April 2009 I chose to look for a personal trainer...Best move EVER!!!! I started to exercise properly, used supplements religiously and went from from 23% to 12% bodyfat in only 6 of all, I gained 10 lbs of muscles along the way!! I firmly believe that I owe my success to my personal trainer and MVP Biotech's products like Iso Muscle 94, CLA, High Impact Glutamine, BCAA fx3, etc... :)




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